It starts with your goals, budget, and expectations.  We pride ourselves on being able to see the big picture when it comes to making sure your tour will be 100% successful. We provide consultation, advancement and organization, touring personnel, and equipment.

Advancement and Planning


Consistent oversight is a crucial detail for a smooth EVENT and successful tour.

An important part of a successful tour happens before anyone even heads out on the road.  Details such as venue contracts, equipment riders, hospitality riders, lodging, transportation, radio interviews, and much more must be coordinated by someone who can foresee the issues before they ever come up. 


Tour Manager (TM)


From the moment your tour starts the TM will make sure crew and artists alike are doing what they need to do, and getting what they need, in order for a successful tour.

The point person.  All coordination and details get filtered through the tour manager so every aspect of the tour goes as planned.  Technical details, rider fulfillment, transportation, and financial responsibility are just a few things the tour manager generally handles.  


Front Of House Engineer (FOH)


When your concerts have an amazing FOH mix your music connects in a deeper way with The fans, old and new. 

Often the point person for all technical details, a good FOH engineer is what you need in order to make the music synchronize with your audience, night after night.  Familiar with all sound systems and a wide range of mixing skills our engineers are sought after for having a true passion for sound and an artistic ear. 


Monitor Engineer


you have to be inspired by the music you are playing, make sure YOU'RE hearing it properly, and with longevity in mind when it comes to your ears and their safety.

One of the most overlooked and valuable positions within a tour crew.  if you can't be sure that the many "in-house" engineers you will encounter will give you quality sound on stage, with consistency, your answer is to bring on a monitor engineer who will strive to make sure you are inspired and hear your music clearly and purely.


Lighting Tech (LD)


to provide a concert-goer with an experience they will remember for their entire life the Music must be ACCOMPANIED by lighting effects that stimulate the mind and help create emotions based on the music.

In today's world visual stimulation is a must have for any touring act.  Make sure your shows looks as professional as they sound.  Again, consistency is very important when building your fan base around the world.  You want every show to look and feel stellar.


Stage/Backline Tech


freedom is when you know that everytime you hit the stage your INSTRUMENT will sing its song beautifully.

Guitars need to be tuned, drum heads need to be replaced, gear needs to be loaded and unloaded. The work never ends for the true stage tech.  Ours just happen to be highly skilled technicians, and players, with massive amounts of backline and staging experience.


Merchandise Manager


The merchandise that fans buy at a concert is a token of their appreciation and a way to remember THEIR experience.

Merchandise is often one of the biggest ways to boost revenue during a tour.  Make sure the person who is in charge of merch can handle money.  The fast pace of business and a genuine people person is essential so each potential sale feels welcomed and appreciated.




artists in constant motion require safety and trustworthness when it comes to transportation. 

Everyone needs to get from Point A to Point B.  We will make sure you get there safely and smoothly.